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Carving Meat

Carving Meat
When carving meats,  It’s important to have a truly sharp knife, so that you’re not pressing down on the flesh and sawing away, squeezing out the juices. And it’s important to cut across the grain because this actually makes the meat seem more tender.
With chicken, carving can be made easier by removing the wishbone before roasting.

To do this, set the bird on a chopping board and pull back the neck skin, feeling with your fingers until you find the contours of the wishbone, which will be the first bone you come across.

Run the blade of a small, sharp knife along the wishbone on each side of the V-shaped cavity. It can then be eased away from the breastbone and carefully pulled off.

After roasting and resting, remove the legs by slicing down where they meet the breast, and splaying them outwards to expose the joint, which you can then sever.

Remove the breast by running a sharp knife deeply into the flesh along one side of the centre bone that extends the length of the bird, making a deep vertical cut.

Then cut horizontally through the flesh at the bottom of the breast, until the horizontal cut meets the vertical, separating the breast from the ribcage.

Repeat the procedure on the other side of the centre bone.

The breasts can then be laid cut-side down on the chopping board and slice.
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