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Dry Ageing Meat

Dry Ageing Meat
The process of cooking meats starts from the time of purchase. For example, you can look at the effects of ageing meat at home.

To dry age your meat at home:

1. Buy a top-quality piece of beef (a large roast is better than a steak or chop), remove it from the container and put it on a cooling rack that has been set on top of a deep-sided tray.

2. Place this, uncovered, in the bottom of the fridge, making sure there is enough space for air to circulate around.
The cold, dry environment is good for this rudimentary method of dry-ageing.

3. After a few days (larger cuts such as joints will obviously take longer than steaks), remove the meat from the fridge, trim off the exterior, which would have dried out because of the fridge.
The meat would then be ready for cooking. 
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