Evening Standard: Best charcoal barbecues 2018

Evening Standard: Best charcoal barbecues 2018
One of society’s true turning points lay in our mastery of fire, with cooking over flames helping put distance between us and the animal kingdom. And although crockpots, gas hobs and microwave ovens have given us plenty of subsequent shortcuts, cooking with fire remains as life-affirming as ever, explaining the continued popularity of the charcoal barbecue.

Today there are plenty of gadgets on offer to make ours a simpler task than that of our caveman descendants. Across a spectrum of sturdy grills, sophisticated smokers and even teppanyaki-style burners, there are charcoal barbecues to suit all cookers, with portability, ease of use and additional accessories – from rotisserie spits and woodchip buckets to battery-assisted ignition – all variables worth considering for alfresco chefs. Make yours a summer to remember with our guide to this year’s best charcoal barbecues.

Everdure’s Fusion barbecue is a modern-minded twist on the traditional grill, coming with an electric ignition that assists charcoal in reaching top temperature in just 10 minutes. Yet although some may cry cheat, this celebrity chef-endorsed barbecue is a fantastic option for summer, featuring a beautifully sleek design, set on a freestanding pedestal, while an integrated spit – perfect for rotisserie chicken or whole leg of lamb – makes standout dinners a doddle.

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