Tech virgin: We put two top BBQs to the test

Tech virgin: We put two top BBQs to the test
The Everdure Hub (£1,499, is a charcoal beast with a built-in rotisserie made in conjunction with Heston Blumenthal.
In the interests of full disclosure, I have a great love for TV food science wizard Heston. I secretly feel he is a brother from another mother. We’re both proud wearers of spectacles and we’re also both au fait with venerable institutions: he’s a Fellow of the Royal Society Of Chemistry and I’m a former member of Goole Snooker Club. But I will try to dial down my Heston adoration…
Standing at 3ft tall, 4ft wide and just under 2ft deep, the Hub is a substantial piece of kit. If you ignore the grill area on top, it looks like a sideboard made by high-end minimalist design boffins. The clever stuff is contained inside, with retractable vertical columns to house the rotisserie spit, plus a retractable electric plug to power the rotisserie and the ‘Fast Flame Ignition System’.
That last bit of tech is ingenious. It’s basically an electronically powered heating element in the grill area. Charcoal is piled on top of this, a button is pressed and ten minutes later the coals are ready and chef can get cooking. So no more firelighter faff.
Heston claims the Everdure Hub is ‘the greatest thing that has ever happened to barbecuing’. It’s a bold statement but the Hub is very much a statement piece of kit.
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