The Independent:10 best charcoal BBQs

The Independent:10 best charcoal BBQs
Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Fusion with Pedestal: £899, John Lewis

Voodoo chef Heston Blumenthal’s aesthetically pleasing Fusion doesn’t come with a lid so you’ll need to spend more time at the grill instead of entertaining your guests. It does, however, come with a pair of unique features you won’t find anywhere else: electric ignition and a built-in rotisserie. To light it, simply load a small pile of lump wood charcoal over the centre bowl and press the "flame" button. An old-fashioned hob ring below starts glowing red hot, igniting the charcoal above. In our test, it took a spritely 15 minutes for the charcoal to reach optimum temperature. However, it does require an electricity supply and that may not be convenient if your barbecue area is at the bottom of the garden.
The rotisserie is also electrically powered and hidden from view when not in use. Simply push down on the two hidden columns and they spring out of their housings. Now open the left hatch, pull out the long rod, fit the two rotisserie prongs and mount. Voila, an instant rotisserie for chicken, lamb, duck, beef, what have you.
Despite its overall dimensions (73xm x 41cm), the Fusion’s stainless steel grill is relatively small (48cm x 33cm) and just about big enough for four hungry mouths or six average appetites, at a pinch. Yes, this is an expensive option, but for sheer kudos points it has very few peers.

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