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Heston’s barbie put to the test

Heston Blumenthal has solved all sorts of foodie puzzles - has he also come up with an answer to the charcoal conundrum?

  • From The Weekend Australian Magazine

Heston cooked you dinner? Sort of. In the great tradition of chef-branded barbecues (hello Neil), Australia’s Everdure
got into bed with the wacky Brit to design and promote a range of charcoal grills.

But charcoal is so not convenient. Oh, but it is now. They’ve solved the getting-it-going nightmare. It’s got an
auto-timed electric element underneath to get the black stuff glowing red. Simply load the charcoal, flick the switch,
have a beer and … cook.

Is charcoal really so good? For meat, fish, poultry, veg … yes. This is next-level outdoor grilling.

The party trick? Spring-loaded, pop-up pillars that support and drive a rotisserie. All you really need then is a real
free-range chicken. And some time. About twice what you’d allow for oven roasting, actually. But boy, will you be happy
with the result.

Anything else? It has a retractable power cord, like a vacuum cleaner’s.

Does it help you cook like Heston? Better.

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