Salt-baked Bream
Serves 2
100g salt
200g rock salt
1 egg white
1 whole sea bream, gutted and scaled, head removed
fresh lemon juice, to season

Combine the salt, rock salt and egg white in a small bowl until it forms a thick paste.
Stand the whole fish belly-side down onto a small baking tray. Spread the belly flaps open to give the fish stability. Using your hands, spread the salt mix evenly over the fish to achieve an even layer of about ½ cm thick.
Preheat the 4K by placing 150g charcoal on the charcoal grid and pressing the fat-flame ignition. Leave the hood open and allow the charcoal to burn off for approximately 10 minutes.

Place one of the cast iron grills and a high grill on the BBQ. Place the fish on the tray on top of the high grill and insert the probe into the thickest part of the fish. Close the hood.

After 15 minutes, the 4K ambient temperature should be around 175°C and the fish should read approximately 35°C on the probe. At this temperature, remove the fish from the BBQ and leave to stand for 10 minutes (the fish will continue to cook).

To serve, break away and discard the crust layer from the fish and remove any excess salt. Using the back of a knife, carefully remove the skin, revealing the flesh. Peel off the white flesh, picking out and discarding any bones.

Season with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
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