For the Hake
600g    Hake fillets     
6g        Sliced garlic   
20g      Olive oil          
20g      Lime juice      
3g        Lime zest        
20g      White wine     
8g        Thyme
0.5       Tasmanian black pepper ground       
For the Spinach Pancakes
3          Eggs    
100g    Plain flour      
75g      Whole milk     
3g        Salt     
100g    Cooked, chopped and squeezed spinach       
25g      Beurre noisette          
For the Green Tomato Garnish
100g    Green tomato, sliced 
2g        Salt     
0.5g     Ground green pepper
10g      Olive oil          
10g      Chardonnay vinegar  
70g      Greek Yogurt  
20g      Rocket
For the Hake
Take 4 large rectangles of aluminum foil and place 2 on top of each other, this will form the two papilotte parcels. Fold up the edges of your double layered aluminum foil to create a tray shape which could retain liquid. Divide the Hake fillets, garlic, olive oil, lime juice, lime zest, white wine, thyme and black pepper
Into 2 portions and place the ingredients into each of the two foil parcels. Carefully lift each side of the foil to create a fully sealed parcel which will act like a small steamer when on the grill. This can be prepared in advance and leave in the fridge.
To cook the fish, place the parcels directly on the preheated FURNACE grill plate on lowest setting and leave for 12 minutes or until the core of the fish reaches 50°C. Allow to stand for 5 minutes.
For the Spinach Pancakes
Meanwhile make the pancake batter by whisking the eggs and flour together in a bowl with the salt until a smooth batter is formed. Pour in the milk and whisk to a smooth runny batter. Add the spinach, beurre noisette and mix together.
Rub a small amount grapeseed oil on the teppanyaki plate.  Pour some of the batter making flat discs approximately 10cm in diameter. Cook on one side only, approximately 3 minutes.
For the Green Tomato Garnish
For the green tomato garnish, season slices of green tomato with salt, pepper and olive oil. Chargrill the tomatoes on a preheated FURNACE until slightly soft with char marks on the surface. Remove from the barbeque and place in a bowl, add the vinegar. Dice the tomato slices and mix with the yogurt, chop the rocket leaves and add to the bowl. Cover and reserve.
To Serve
To build the pancake tacos take a spoon full of the green tomato yogurt and put in the centre of the pancake, flake some of the hake on top and fold over.
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